Good design is not achieved by chance. It is the result of a fascination with beauty and the conviction that only perfection is good enough. It lives off the courage to develop something new, even if the result is still not clear to see. As such, design is a basic attitude and a never-ending process. For ourselves, the many international awards we have won are both milestone markers along this path and a stimulus to keep pressing ahead – even if they are also a source of some pride, as you might expect…

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outlook.1 opens up new perspectives: An intermediate bracket. The curtain glides elegantly along the entire length of the pole. Its integral technology keeps outlook.1 perfectly balanced. Up to 300 cm. Sometimes a courageous spirit of innovation is required to turn dreams into reality.


An art. Learning it is not enough – it has to be taken completely to heart.
These prizewinning interstil products all come from the pen of Frank Greiser. For more than 10 years now, we have been working together on what characterises interstil today: innovation.


Less is more. Brackets and finials merge to form a single unit. outlook.4 makes a striking statement at the window – in pure stainless steel or elegant nickel – or optionally in carbon tubing, to ensure that the individual elements stand out clearly.


Zenit makes the ceiling mounting the focal point. Large plates with flawless surface finishes are placed flat on the ceiling. A thin shadow gap provides a clear geometry and sense of lightness. The plates can be arranged freely to offer individuality.


The flat panel curtain system. Consistent synthesis of shape and function. The system focuses attention on the fabrics while concealing the hanging system and thus make the panels float weightlessly over large widths. More than just an outstanding product. A milestone.