We manufacture our products ourselves, so we are fully familiar with the materials we use to make them. Each one has its own specific characteristics – during processing and in place in the finished product. With this in mind, we have carefully adapted every step of the manufacturing process to match the individual raw materials, from machining right through to final surface finishing. We think that the results stand up to inspection – even years down the line.


An innovative and lightweight construction material, suitable for processing into complex profiles and as an initial material for our traversing systems and flat panel curtain technology. Its flexibility makes it ideal for curved systems, as found in corner and bay windows, for example. We have developed special surface finishing processes to arrive at a unique standard of finish with a very fine grinding pattern. However, we do not stop at external appearances – the concealed sliding surfaces inside the profiles are coated in a separate step in the manufacturing process to ensure that your curtains move easily and silently.


Steel treated with alloy elements to protect it from corrosion and discolouration – that is what stainless steel is all about. This means that stainless steel products are always pure metal shaped into a clear design: they are functional and straightforward. For purists and perfectionists. As timeless as it is durable – finished with a fine grinding pattern. Made by interstil.


A precious metal. An expression of high living standards. With sophisticated surface finishes which blend into any interior. From a high-gloss polished to a matt finish, nickel-plated, multiple coatings, bronzed or coated with gold leaf. A whole host of processes create timeless objects with a permanent sheen. A tribute to our values.


The original metal. The product of fire and ore. With finishes that underline its character - anthracite - rust - black. The carefully applied coatings give this archaic metal a durable, expressive finish to enable it to blend into the ambience of any home.


Every product is unique. As individual as the raw material provided by Mother Nature. Our products are made using selected, weathered wood. We can apply a unique process to wrap fine wood veneers around long poles and to connect them to elements of turned wood. The finishing process comprises several steps to bring the texture of the material to the fore.


A truly brilliant finish can only be produced with great attention to detail. This is why we have equipped our production facilities with machines we have developed ourselves, in-house. This lets us handle the widest range of components while applying the same processes. We set the market standard with this degree of consistent colour reproduction. Take a few seconds to look over our employees’ shoulders…