A purist concept
brought to perfection

F1 sees the start of a new era in flat panel curtain technology. This is the first time that a system has been developed with a concealed panel carrier. The visual attractiveness of this solution lies in the fact that only the panels move under the rail, which itself creates a simple and stylish effect. The panel carriers with the Velcro fabric fastenings remain concealed behind the rail.
This solution has been made possible by the newly-developed interstil panel glider which allows the panel carrier to be lowered by 5 cm. This allows the panels to be attached and removed as normal, only then to disappear behind the rail at a simple click. This sophisticated technology has been developed in-house by interstil.

Concealed fabric fastening

Reduction to the bare essentials. The F1 panel carrier remains concealed behind the profiles and allows the design of your fabrics to shine through over its full height. A nice touch. The retractable panel carrier allows the tried-and-tested hook and loop tape to be used, making F1 the ideal system for technical and decorative fabrics. An interstil idea. Refined. Patented.

Refined – Patented

The F1 panel carrier disappears behind the rail with a click. As clever as it is simple to handle. And in the final analysis you see just the one thing: Pure purism...

Design awards

In only a few months, F1 has won the red dot award and the iF design award, and has also been nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. A single product winning so many awards is something of a rarity and underlines the fact that this is something special.