W corrugated curtain – perfect
down to the last detail

Uniform folds without ruffling the curtain fabric on the hanging system. That is what makes corrugated curtains so special. The elegant folds have full depth even at the hanging point and allow the design of your fabrics to shine in all their glory in uniform curves.

With its W corrugated curtains, interstil has developed hanging systems whose size and shape are perfectly tailored to this modern finish. This allows the fabric and equipment to merge to create a uniform entity.

Wellenvorhang Funktion revolving sliders the brake - optional end slider

revolving sliders


The revolving sliders follow the folds in each position and guarantee a quiet and easy movement of the curtain - even for wide window fronts.

the brake - optional


controlls the rebound forces of the ripplefold curtain and ensures the curtains stops in exactly the position that you want. Infinitely adjustable, of course.

end slider


Perfect ending. The ripplefold tape is being fixed to the end slider with two curtain hooks in order to keep it perpendicular to the rail - in any position.

No interstil innovation without refined details. The rotatable gliders adjust to the course of the curtain in any position to guarantee uniquely good running characteristics. The end gliders hold the end of the curtain perfectly straight to the rod and the brake enables you to control the rebound forces of the curtain during opening. And it is all invisible for you –xxx the track channels remain concealed as a result of the special design of the profiles. It’s the details that ultimately make a product perfect.

Exquisite surface finishes

All from a single source. That is the only way of creating brilliant finishes in consistently uniform quality. We make the sophisticated elements into high quality items with mechanical and human sensitivity so that they make your curtains a truly impressive sight to behold.

The different characters of our finishes make our hanging systems adjustable and expressive at the same time. Perfectly tailored to your interior.

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the secret of even spacings

perfectly even. The continuous size of the waves and the even spacings between them are the basis for its elegant appearence. This is due to the cords beween the sliders that do their job relieably yet inconspicuously as our enginners managed to keep them hidden inside the rail.